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What is Process Service?

Process service is the act of giving legal documents to a person who is involved in a court case.

Service of process is set forth in the fifth and sixth amendments of the Constitution. Process servers are messengers who notify individuals of their constitutional right to due process of law by “serving” them with a notification that presents the legal issue that specifically involves them.

A proof of service is created once a person has been served successfully. It is notarized and given to the person who asked for the papers to be served.

We Serve All Types of Legal Documents

  • Subpoenas, Unlawful Detainers & Small Claims
  • Dissolution Summons & Petition
  • Family Court Documents
  • Petitions & Discovery Documents of any kind
  • Eviction Notices / 3 Day / 30 Day/90 Day
  • Civil Summons & Complaint
  • Paternity Summons & Complaint
  • Request For Orders
  • Documents Upon Department of Child Support Services
  • District Court Summons, Complaint, Joint Status Reports etc.
  • Motion to Avoid
  • Documents to the Bankruptcy Trustee when time is short
  • Notice of Stay and MUCH MORE!
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The Process

Process service, anywhere, anytime

1. Details

We gather all the necessary information including who you want to serve, the location of service, whether it is routine or rush and all other important details.

2. Attempt Service

Once we have all the information, one of our professional process servers will attempt service.

3. Status

We keep you apprised of the status.

4. Locate

If service cannot take place at the address (for example, because the person moved or never lived or work there), we can provide a skip trace or a locate so that we can attempt to serve successfully.

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Why Choose USA Express

Serving Nationwide with Integrity since 1998

How We are Different

Our professional team provides a price competitive service with excellent customer service.

We attempt to serve rushes immediately, the same day of receipt if possible.

Our Mission

It is the mission of USA Express Legal & Investigative Services to:

  • Find solutions for our clients by providing factual, relevant and timely information through innovative investigation research.
  • Provide uncompromising service and to utilize resources and technology to find newer and faster ways to meet our clients needs.
  • Provide our clients with a level of satisfaction that always surpasses their expectations.

Our Team

We have a professional network of licensed and bonded process servers who work nationwide and even outside of the United States if that is your need. Rush service is also available.

Additionally, we can perform locates or skip traces if you need to find the person or entity to be served or if the address is bad.

We provide a price break if you have additional people to serve at the same address and are part of the same case. Contact us today with questions and to set up an account.

H. Harry Kazakian is the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of USA Express Legal and Investigative Services, Inc.

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Real Testimonials from Our Clients / Partners

“Harry Kazakian and USA Express have been an invaluable asset to our firm. They’ve been extremely effective and professional in obtaining information through asset searches and other means for our cases. Their customer service and responsiveness is second to none. Harry himself takes the time to get on the phone with me and explain the results of his intensive searches. If you’re looking for an investigator, look no further.”

Steven S. Yamin, Esq.
Attorney at Movagar & Yamin, P.L.C.

“We have been working with USA Express now for 9 years and could not be happier with their excellent work. Whether it comes to investigative services, court filings, process service, intakes or anything else, we have full confidence and trust in USA Express’ work. Harry is absolutely wonderful to work with and we can always count on him and his team to deliver a superior and timely service.”

Yosi Yahoudai, Esq.
Founding CEO & Managing Partner Javaheri & Yohoudai

“The team at USA Express is fantastic! They are professional, easy to work with, and get the job done quick and efficiently. It is always a pleasure and never a hassle working with USA Express. I have used many different investigators and process service companies over the years. USA Express is by far the best out there! I strongly recommend USA Express to all law firms.”

Jonathan Teller
Senior Counsel - Layfield & Barrett

“Kabateck Brown Kellner appreciates the excellent customer service and flawless Legal Support & Investigative Services of USA Express.”

Brian Kabateck
Founding & Managing Partner - Kabateck Brown Kellner LLP

“I have had the pleasure of working with Harry and his staff at USA Express Investigative Services for many years. They provide me and my clients with very professional and friendly service. Result-oriented and accurate reporting are their motto. I highly recommend their services without any reservation.”

Joseph H. Kanimian, Esq.
Attorney at Law Offices of Joseph Kanimian

“We have known Harry Kazakian and used the services of USA Express for over 15 years. During my 28 years of practice, I have used several different attorney services and investigators. USA Express has been the best of them all. My documents are all filed on time. There personnel actually check my papers and if they find any problems they find me to correct the problem before filing. USA Express process servers are very professional and prompt. I have used USA Express for investigation services and sub Rosa and they have always come through. I definitely recommend Harry and USA Express to any Law practitioner with pride.”

James Sadigh
Attorney At Law- James K. Sadigh Law Firm
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Frequently Asked Questions, Find Answers For the Most Common questions.


What is the difference between a routine and a rush service?

A routine process service does not have an immediate deadline for completion whereas a rush process service does.


About how long does it take to serve someone?

It can vary from case to case but, generally speaking, a routine process service takes 3 – 4 days once the order has been received.


What is an appointment service?

We serve the party at the location on a date and time specified by the client.


In what states do you offer your services?

We have offices in the Los Angeles area and in San Francisco but provide services nationwide.


How does a rush service work?

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by attempting to set-up same day service even if the order is received late in the day. If that is not possible, we can attempt next day service and continue to attempt to serve until successful.


What do I pay if a service is unsuccessful?

Since we attempted service, perhaps multiple times, we do charge the fee even if the service is unsuccessful.


What if the person cannot be served at the address?

If the address provided is bad, USA Express can perform a locate (skip trace) and find an address for service. There is no charge for the locate or skip trace if the person is not served but there is a charge for the attempt(s) to serve. If the process service is successful, there is a charge for it and for the locate.


How many process service attempts do you make? Does the price go up with more attempts?

We make unlimited process service attempts, all of which are included in the initial price.


How will I know the status of my process service?

We know it’s important to keep you informed about your services. We will provide you with updates and, in the case of subpoenas and hearing dates, advise you if we think a request for extension may be warranted.


I still have a question! Who should I speak to?

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us toll-free at (888) 409-4007

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