Los Angeles Superior Court Document E-filing

Enables attorneys & court clerks to work more efficiently by reducing the time & effort needed to manage case files.

  • Saves Time, Money, & Transportation Costs, Reduces Delays In Retrieving Court Documents
  • Enhances Virtual Filing Accessibility From The Convenience Of Home Or The Office
  • Receive Notices, Orders, & Judgments From The Court Electronically
  • less likely to have your documents get lost in the mail or misplaced by the court
  • quickly make any necessary document revisions so that the filing can still proceed in a timely manner.

Court-approved Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP).
In business for 20 years, we are poised to provide you with reliable E-filing of your probate documents.

We offer two options when E-filing

We are a court-approved Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP). Using our specialized portal, your court documents can be filed quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

1. Register / Login

Create an account here https://orders.usaexpressinc.com/ and manage all your probate E-filing needs yourself. Login to your account in order to track the progress of your E-filing.

E-File Login Page

2. Or Let Us to Take Care It for You

Alternatively, submit your documents to our professional team and they will review, organize and file them with the court. We file court documents anywhere in California, either by E-filing or by delivering the documents directly to the court.
Free up time to focus on your business, when our professional team E-files documents on your behalf.

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our professional team will review, organize & file Your Documents with the court

E-File Easy Process

law offices or individuals with large quantity orders of 100 E-filing documents or more should contact us to see if they are eligible for a discounted rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions, Find Answers For the Most Common questions.


I’ve never done my own E-filing before. Is it complicated?

Our system is quick to learn and easy to use. If you have basic computer skills, you should have no problems.


What if I have a problem when I’m trying to E-file on my own?

Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions. Also, let us know if you’d like us to walk you through the process the first time you E-file for yourself.


Why doesn’t everyone E-file for himself? Isn’t it less expensive?

Yes, it is less expensive. But when we manage your E-filing, you save time and are able to focus on your clients. We ensure that your documents are ready to be filed and follow-up with the court as necessary.


What’s the best way to ensure E-filing goes as smoothly as possible?

It’s important that all of your documents are included and all the information required by the court is provided and accurate. When we E-file for you, we take out any stress associated with the E-filing process and make it easy and convenient for you.

Our Pricing

No Contract. No Risk. Only Pay For The Filings You Place. E-file documents via our specialized online portal.


per electronic filing
plus any court mandated convenience fees

Attorney self-E-filing

per electronic filing
plus any court mandated convenience fees

USA Express E-filing for attorneys

per electronic filing
Plus Any Court Mandated Convenience Fees
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