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Helping Lawyers Meet All Their Legal Support Needs
Investigative Services
We specialize in all kinds of investigations including locating individuals, investigating criminal and accident scenes and obtaining witness statements, asset information and criminal and civil history.
Mobile Copy Service
Documents can be provided as hard copies or on a flash drive or both. We obtain medical records by authorization or subpoena and can customize the job according to your needs.
Our services include subpoena, authorizations, notices preparation, noticing parties, deposition officer assignment and digital document storage.
Document Filings
We file all court documents, and return conformed copies, with speed and accuracy. We offer same day document pick-up, rush pick-up and a cost-effective retainer agreement, if it fits your needs.
We are a court-approved Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP). Using our specialized portal, your court documents can be filed quickly, easily and cost-effectively.
A nationwide service, we will meet with your potential new clients and complete their retention documents in a setting where they comfortable and free to talk.
Background Screening
We perform nationwide background screening for employers and landlords on prospective employees and tenants.

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We Are USA Express

We are litigation support professionals who have been in business 20 years.
We provide lawyers with peace of mind so that every case runs smoothly.

Our Mission

It is the mission of USA Express Legal & Investigative Services to:

  • Find solutions for our clients by providing factual, relevant and timely information through innovative investigation research.
  • Provide uncompromising service and to utilize resources and technology to find newer and faster ways to meet our client’s needs.
  • Provide our clients with a level of satisfaction that always surpasses their expectations.

Our Team

Our management team consists of: process servers, private investigators, insurance claims adjusters and attorney service professionals ready to fulfill your litigation support needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does USA Express Legal & Investigative Services do?

We are a complete attorney service that provides legal support to attorneys nationwide, whether they are part of a large firm or are solo practitioners.

What are some of the attorney support services that you provide?

Some of these services include process serving, document filing, locates, obtaining witness statements, medical record copying, and new client intakes.

How does your support make a difference for attorneys?

Attorneys use our services to help build their cases. Also, our support frees up time for them to focus on building their cases.

How much do your services cost?

Pricing depends on different factors including what the service is and whether it’s a rush. Please call us toll-free at 877.872.3977 for a customized quote.

In what states to you offer your services?

We have offices in the Los Angeles area and in San Francisco but provide services nationwide.

Do you offer E-filing? What if I need help to E-file?

E-filing is the wave of the future and we are a court-approved Electronic Filing Service Provider (EFSP) with our own specialized E-filing portal. You may E-file court documents yourself by setting up an account and using our portal (we’ll provide assistance with this if you need it). Also, if you prefer, we can file your documents electronically for you.

Do you provide services on a rush basis?

Yes, please contact us toll-free at 877.872.3977 so we can work on your request and provide you with results as soon as possible.

I have an order or new assignment to submit – who does it go to?

Whether you are a new or current client, please submit your new orders to newassignment@usaexpressinc.com or you may call us toll-free at 877.872.3977. Please let us know if you are a new client, so that we may collect additional information from you.

Does USA Express work with private clients who aren’t lawyers?

Yes, we work with people who aren’t attorneys but would like to use our services. All of our services are available to private clients, as well as investigations of a personal nature (spousal infidelity, etc.)

I still have a question! Who should I speak to?

We would love to hear from you! Please contact us toll-free at 877.872.3977 or email us at info@usaexpressinc.com so we can help.

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Our Locations

Los Angeles Office

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Tel:  (877) 872 – 3977

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